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Product FAQ

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Dot Free Auto Shutdown

FAQ 01: What is Free Auto Shutdown?

FAQ 02: Why do I need Free Auto Shutdown?

FAQ 03: Do I lose any work when the computer is powered down?

FAQ 04: What if I'm working?

FAQ 05: Does it work with Windows Vista?

FAQ 06: Can I turn my laptop off on an exact future day by using Free Auto Shutdown?

FAQ 07: Is Free Auto Shutdown difficult to use?

FAQ 08: Do I need administrator privileges?

FAQ 09: Do I need to pay for it?

FAQ 10: What if I have a suggestion?

Customer FAQ

How to install the program?

How to uninstall the program?

How much should I pay for Free Auto Shutdown?

Do I have to pay for the upgrade and tech support?

What should I do if I have problems with the program?



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